Skull Tea Light Candle Holder



Introducing the Leather Skull-Shaped Tea Light Candle Holder: Illuminate Your Space with Style!

Transform your environment into a captivating blend of edginess and artistic elegance with our Leather Skull Shaped Tea Light Candle Holder. This remarkable home decor piece seamlessly marries the rugged allure of genuine leather with a bold skull design, elevating it to the status of the ultimate statement item for your living space, studio, or home.

Embrace your inner rebel and embrace the extraordinary with the Leather Skull Shaped Tea Light Candle Holder. Whether you’re an artist, a professional, or simply someone who values exceptional design, this candle holder transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the world of premium leather and avant-garde aesthetics—order your Leather Skull Shaped Tea Light Candle Holder today and turn your space into a canvas of creativity. Redefine ambience, one skull at a time!

  • Leather Used:  Epi Smooth
  • Colours Used:  Black
  • Measurements:  H:  10 cm  W: 11 cm  L:  15 cm
  • Description:
  • Unique skull-shaped design
  • Matching stitching colour

Colours:  If you would like your candle holder in a different colour please see our  (Colour choices).

Please note: Colour may vary slightly depending on your monitor’s resolution.

Please read our “How to Look After Your Leather Goods” to keep your leather goods in tip-top condition.

These pieces are genuine leather and can vary in shade and grain. Sometimes blemishes will occur – This is what gives each piece its unique character.  Please bear this in mind when purchasing as this will not be grounds for a return.

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