Mystery Braid Women’s Purse



Our mystery braid purse comes with space for 4 credit/debit cards and one long pocket at the back for receipts or paper money.  It’s called a mystery braid as the braid on the front, baffles people as to how this is done.  Hence the mystery!

Leather Used:  Crazy Cow (Also available in Epi Smooth)
Colour Used:  Claudel

Overall measurements, (all sizes approx):
H: 9cm – Closed  17cm  – Open
W: 20.5cm
D: 1cm

Colours:  (Colour choices).

Please note: Colour may vary depending on your monitor’s resolution.

Please read our “How to Look After Your Leather Goods” to keep your leather goods in tip-top condition.

These pieces are genuine leather and can vary in shade and grain. Sometimes blemishes will occur – This is what gives each piece its unique character.  Please bear this in mind when purchasing as this will not be grounds for a return.

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